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David B. Shremshock, PSM

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North Port, Florida 34288
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email: shremshocksurveying@comcast.net

I'm David Shremshock, PSM,

I have been a Licensed Surveyor since 1995. Spending 14 years as vice president of a Surveying firm in Venice Florida together with 12 years as a field crew chief prior to that at various local firms has given me very well rounded, real world experience as a Professional Surveyor.
  I moved to Charlotte County from Ledyard Conn.when I was 17. I am a graduate of  Charlotte High School in Punta Gorda class of 1980. After graduating high school I decided to go into construction, being 6'2" and 200lbs I was welcomed on most labor crews. In 1982 I began as a Rodman for Divers, McCleod & Associates in Englewood ( now DMK and Assoc.) and fell in love with the surveying field, spending lots of time outside and learning trigonometry and algebra, in the woods, on the beach or set up on a busy highway, it's all exciting to me.
  In 1987 I met my beautiful wife and started a family. I studied hard and worked even harder to get my chance in 1995 to take the Florida Land Surveyors Exam, and passed on my first attempt . I was working at a Brigham Surveying at the time and was offered the Vice President position. I remained there until 2008.
   I am an active member in good standing with the Florida Land Surveyors Council, The Florida Surveying & Mapping Society and The North Port Chamber of Commerce . 

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