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You are now first on the list to get'r done.  It has been a challenge for us to find a surveyor to get a survey done quickly, detailed, accurate and economical.  We appreciate you being able to get this done as quickly as you did.

Thomas Hinkle


Wow Dave!  Your work was fast and the price was more than reasonable.  Appreciate you!  Thank you so much!

Jamie Curry


Thank you so much for getting this done so quickly!!!  I will definitely recommend you to everyone in my office and everyone I know in Real Estate!  Did you send me some business cards???  Thank you again!

Jennifer Marto


Thanks for getting this done.  You provide quick service along with a professional team.

Lynn Platt


Dave this is the most complete first time around DEP survey we have ever received and definitely the fastest, and I'm not pulling your leg, and we have worked with some of the big guys so to speak.

Howard Robinson
Owner of Record Lee County Property website



Thanks for turning this around so quickly.  You are wonderful to work with.  I will recommend you to my clients looking for a surveyor.

Geri L. Waksler


You are amazing!  Your service is exactly why we steer all the business we can your way, thank you so much.

Lisa Guild


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